Benefits of Green Smoothies

Many people wonder if it is possible to make an easy and healthy breakfast that can be consumed while traveling. They eat muffins, bagels, or even dry cereal, hoping they can increase their daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

Some creative people try to drink yogurt smoothies that are available in stores. However, it is packed full of sugar and preservatives. Instead, you should try making your own breakfast smoothie. For this, you can purchase portable juicers online via

To make it "green", you can use a variety of fruits and vegetables in your drink. Here are some of the many advantages of making your own breakfast smoothie. Homemade breakfast smoothies are quick and easy to make.

You do need a blender to make smoothies, but they don't have to be expensive. All you need to do is add whatever fruits and vegetables you like, think of it with water or juice, and mix. Tasting it when mixed will tell you if you need more fruit, less sweetener, or even more liquid.

Homemade smoothies are also very portable. You can make it quickly and put it in a thermos to drink while you work. This is the best way to fit a healthy breakfast into a busy schedule.

Apart from being fast and easy, homemade smoothies are also cheap and natural. As we said before, commercially produced smoothie drinks are often full of sugar and preservatives.

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